Diversion Treatment Court (DTC)

The DeKalb County Diversion Treatment Court (DTC) is an initiative of the DeKalb County Magistrate Court  which is currently under the direction of the Chief Judge. The purpose of the court is to provide case management services to an offender population in DeKalb County that has confirmed mental health diagnoses. Participants have the benefit of extensive, individualized case management along with weekly to monthly court appearances.

Upon entry into the program, participants have an immediate comprehensive assessment by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who serves as the Clinical Evaluator of D.T.C. They must agree to take all lawfully prescribed medications, undergo alcohol and drug testing, engage in meaningful day time activity (Men’s  Group, AA or NA, etc.) if not engaged in work, work towards getting their high school diploma or GED, and must not violate any laws of any governmental entity.

In order to qualify, a defendant must have a verifiable mental illness and a pending criminal charge for which he or she was arrested. The criminal offense must not involve any case in which a victim suffered a broken bone or other severe bodily harm, or involved weapons.  In addition, defendants are excluded from participation if they have an extremely violent criminal history.

After supervision for at least six months, the defendant is eligible for graduation from the program and the criminal charges are eligible for dismissal and record restriction (formerly known as expungement) on a case by case basis.

Other Diversion and Community Alternative Programs include: