Nuisance Abatement

An important part of our Community Prosecution Program involves the filing of nuisance abatement actions to address nuisance properties – those properties known within the community to sustain criminal activities. While the criminal justice system addresses individual offenders who have committed crimes, nuisance abatement actions enable prosecutors to go after nuisance properties and their owners for allowing criminal activity to flourish. The Solicitor-General’s Office works with law enforcement and the community to identify problem areas through which we can utilize civil remedies against the property, its owners/occupants and other relevant parties.

While these cases can be time-consuming to investigate and litigate, they yield results.

These cases go a long way to making DeKalb safer because they disrupt criminal activity and force criminals to find a new place to do “business.” Law-abiding citizens enjoy a  better quality-of-life and, eventually, improved property values. It is a multi-pronged effort involving police, prosecutors and the community working together so that the 700,000 citizens living in DeKalb can enjoy the quality-of-life they deserve and want despite these trying economic times.

In some cases, these nuisance properties violate County property codes, as either unsafe or unsightly locations. Often times, such properties that violate code have been reported to the DeKalb County Code Enforcement. The Office of the Office of the DeKalb Solicitor-General prosecutes code enforcement cases.

If you have a nuisance problem in your community and need to report an issue, please contact DeKalb County Code Enforcement at 404-687-3700 or log on to the Code Enforcement website.

If a code enforcement case is already filed in court and you have questions about it, contact Tom Kemp at

If you need assistance with a nuisance issue in your community, contact Community Prosecutor Claire Farley at Also, you can reach the community prosecutors at (404) 371-2201 or email