Solicitor-General’s Office Staff

Under the direction of Solicitor-General Donna Coleman-Stribling, the Solicitor-General’s Office is comprised of approximately 90 staff members including attorneys, criminal investigators, victim/witness advocates, administrators, a communications director, paralegal and legal secretaries.

Prosecution of Cases

More than 30 attorneys are on staff to help prosecute cases under the direction of Solicitor-General Donna Coleman-Stribling. 25 attorneys are assigned to the approximately 13,000 misdemeanor cases tried in DeKalb County each year. 14 of these prosecutors are assigned to the Trial Line, and they handle a wide variety of cases assigned to the seven divisions of State Court. The Solicitor-General’s Office has an additional five attorneys who handle approximately 130,000 traffic citations per year in the Non-Jury Division of State Court.

The Solicitor-General’s Commmunity Prosecutors work with neighborhood residents, community organizations, service providers, the faith community and police to identify public safety problems and to promote long-term solutions to quality-of-life issues vexing DeKalb communities. They are also active at events throughout our community. If you are interested in requesting a speaker at your event, please fill out this form and return to Deputy Chief SVU/Community Prosecution Dionne McGee: Speaker Request Form.

Attorneys assigned to the Special Victims Unit handle cases in which victims may be vulnerable due to situations such as domestic violence. A victim/witness advocate is assigned to each victim to help guide him or her through the legal process and recommend community resources which are available to help them.

Additional lawyers are assigned to the Diversion and Community Alternative Program which allows eligible defendants with little to no criminal history the option of alternatives to serving jail time or paying fines.

Criminal Investigations

More than a dozen criminal investigators are on staff at the Solicitor-General’s Office, consisting of two main divisions: Intake Investigations and Field Investigations. All of these investigators are certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.).

The primary function of each investigator is to provide prosecution support to the to the Solicitor-General’s legal staff. Specifically, investigators locate and interview witnesses, conduct supplemental pretrial investigations, complete and execute arrest and search warrants and complete a variety of other investigative tasks. Investigators also assist other law enforcement agencies and conduct specialized investigations when needed.

Media Inquiries

If you have a news media or website inquiry, please contact our Director of Communications for more information.